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Battery charging method for mobile phone
Publisher:One new energy technology     Release Time:2017-12-28 11:57:36

Battery charging method for mobile phone

1, the cell phone battery consists of three parts: the electric core, the protection circuit and the shell. The current cell phone batteries are lithium ion batteries (often referred to as lithium batteries in irregular situations), and the cathode material is lithium cobalt acid. The standard discharge voltage is 3.7V, the charging cut-off voltage is 4.2V, and the discharge cut-off voltage is 2.75V. The unit of electricity is Wh (Wa Shi), because the standard discharge voltage of cell phone battery is 3.7V, so it can be replaced by mAh (MA). The two unit on the mobile phone battery, the conversion relation is: = x 3.7 watt ampere hour.

2. Overcharge, overdischarge and short circuit will seriously damage the performance of the battery, and may lead to the use of the risk. For this reason, the cell phone battery usually has a slender protective circuit board to prevent these risks.

3, the charger is divided into direct and seat blanking. The direct impact of the 220 exchange of electricity to the 5V DC power, into the cell phone and the cell phone charging circuit to the battery, the general purchase of mobile phone will have distribution. Charger and battery is directly connected, electricity is needed for the conversion of voltage to the battery.

4, if you want to use the charger, please try to choose the original or excellent quality products. The charging circuit in the charger if poor quality, there will be the risk of charging.

5, lithium ion battery has no memory effect, but it is inert, no use may be passivating for a long time, and the best efficiency can be restored by a few times.

6. Before charging, lithium batteries do not require special discharge. Some quick chargers are full of 90% when the signal lights are changed, and the charger will automatically change the battery to fill the battery with the slow charge. But generally speaking, if the display is full, you can take it down.

7, in order to not damage the battery life, it is best to charge the charge slowly when charging; the time need not be too long.

8, the cell phone battery has self discharge, because the over discharge will damage the battery. If the cell phone battery is not used for a long time, it should be guaranteed that the battery has a certain amount of electricity.

9, although our mobile phone is in the network coverage area, but when the mobile phone is switched off, our mobile phone is already unacceptable and dialed. At this point, we can use mobile phone's non pass transfer function to transfer the phone to the fixed phone on the side to prevent the loss of the call. This method is also applicable to the mobile phone when it is not in the network coverage area or when the signal is weak and temporarily unable to connect.

10, do not expose the battery in hot or cold, like the dog, should not put the mobile phone in the car, under a scorching sun; or get air-conditioned room, where on the air blowing straight. When charging, the battery has a little heat is normal, but it can not withstand high temperature "suffering". To avoid this, it's best to recharge at room temperature and don't cover anything on your cell phone.

11, the longer the time the better, the battery should stop charging after the battery is filled with no protection circuit. If the battery is not used for a long time, the battery and the cell phone should be separated.

12, the newly purchased battery doesn't need to charge for 12 hours for the first time, but it's better to charge 3~5 for a full hour. The full charge is normally charged to 100%. Because the battery after filling electrolyte before delivery into the charge and discharge capacity of the battery, is active, but after the factory to go through is little more than a month a year time to the hands of users, due to the effect of self discharge of battery, battery material passivation, then through a full charge and discharge you can make.

In the use of lithium batteries, we should pay attention to that when the battery is placed for a period of time, it will go to sleep state. At that time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time will also be shortened. But the lithium battery is easy to activate, and the battery can be activated by 3 - 5 normal charging and discharging cycles to restore the normal capacity. Because of the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it has decided that it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user's cell phone does not require special methods and equipment during the activation process. Not only in theory, but in my own practice, it is the best to use standard methods to recharge this "natural activation" approach from the beginning.