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A brief introduction to cell phone batteries
Publisher:One new energy technology     Release Time:2017-12-28 11:57:36

A brief introduction to cell phone batteries

It's a power storage tool for mobile phones. It consists of three parts: the core, the protection circuit and the shell. The mobile phone battery usually uses lithium battery and Ni MH battery. MAh "is the unit of battery capacity, and the Chinese name is in Ma.


For lithium battery "activation" problem, many of the argument is: charging time must be more than 12 hours, repeated three times to fully charge and discharge, in order to activate the battery. This "first three charging needs to be charged for more than 12 hours" is based on the rechargeable battery in the 90s of last century. The nickel cadmium battery at that time had memory effect and needs to be filled with batteries to guarantee battery capacity. The use of the cell phone is lithium ion battery, it has no memory effect, usually 2-3 hours can be full, full of enough. If the new battery three times before discharge can really reach 12 hours or more, it will cause great damage to the battery, the battery may cause bulging, even burning. Fortunately, both the mobile phone and the charger have protective circuits. Charging to 100% is the automatic power off, and the charger will not be charged on the charger. However, it is better to pull out the charger at that time, so as to prevent the charger from protecting the circuit. In case of trouble, the battery will overcharge, which will cause serious damage to the battery material and affect the battery capacity and life. [1] usually, the charging method introduced in the handset instructions is the standard charging method suitable for the mobile phone.